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:story: dinner date by SilverJinxx :story: dinner date by SilverJinxx

It was mid afternoon on Friday when Kat's phone began to ring. The doe had taken the day off from working at the library to have a day all to herself, a day filled with some well deserved pampering that helped lift her spirits. Ever since her break up with Derek, Kat had been keeping herself as busy as possible with work, chores, going out, anything to keep her mind off their non too friendly parting of ways. But now, after a long day of relaxing and lounging about the house...


She really did not give a damn.


For four years she had been with Derek. Four years of a mediocre existence with a man who did not care for her well being or for their relationship. Kat didn't know why it took so long to realize, but looking back on it now it had always been her making the effort to preserve something that just wasn't there. Sure at the beginning there had been sparks, romance, and all that. Their relationship had been over a long time ago, but Kat had been too scared to move on. After her parents had split up she was scared to death of ending up like them, to not being able to stick with someone.


But, just being together didn't constitute as a relationship. It took more than that, much more than that. It took love, support, intimacy on an emotional level not just the physical, a partnership built on trust and effort from both parties. While she did not have such a thing with Derek, there was someone else she did share such a thing with.


Someone who she could spend hours with without saying a word and still feel comfortable with. Someone who held her emotional well being above everything else. Someone who she could confide everything to without second guessing herself. Someone who she could feel her heart beat just a little bit faster when she thought about.


That someone answered back from the other side of the line when she picked up the phone and yawned out a hello. She had put her glasses off to the side for the night, but if she had them on she would have seen on the caller ID that it was the very person she had been musing about that very day.


"'ey, uh, Kat it's uh, it's Mike." His rough voice echoed from the other side of the line.


The doe sat up in her seat, her free hand shooting up to her messy hair and adjusting it self-consciously before realizing that Mike couldn't see her anyway. "Mike. Hi, Mike. How are you?" Reaching out to her coffee table she grabbed her glasses and promptly put them on.


"I'm good! Great. Uh, I ain't interruptin' anythin' am I?"


The doe stood up, beginning to pace across her living room as she spoke. "No, not at all. Why, is everything okay?"


"Yeah yeah, just uh, Rosie came back from the library saying that you weren't there soooo...." the lizard trailed off and Kat could picture him in her mind rubbing the back of his head just as he always did when he was nervous. "I just wanted to check up on ya. In case you were sick or somethin'."


Without her consent a giggle escaped Kathryn. Typical Mike. Always caring about others when it was not needed. It was sweet though, and the doe appreciated the effort of his call. "I'm fine. Just needed a day off is all. Pampering myself and what not."


"I gotcha, I gotcha." On the other side of the line Mike was doing a bit of pacing himself. But mostly on trying escape from a persistent little cat that wanted to listen in on the conversation. It was no use though for Mike. Their humble abode was small and it didn't take long for his sister Rose to find him again and again. "So, uh, since I got ya on the line I was wonderin'...."




The lizard began another pacing session in front of the couch while Rose sat on it and watched with eager silver eyes. "Well, ya see, well, I was just wonderin' if ya...ya know...maybe we could."


Her older brother was crashing and burning with this call, and Rose knew she had to help him somehow or another. Quickly she gathered up the notebook she had been writing in and began to furiously scribble away a note for Mike to read. Satisfied she tore the page off the binding then hopped up to stand in Mike's path and bring him to a halt. He made a face, but then noticed the paper along with Rose pointing to it eagerly. Confused, the lizard began to read while he spoke on the phone.


"If maybe...we could....'if perhaps you would like to join me on a romantic excursion that would involve you and I partakin' in--'" Mike reeled back, his face turning a brilliant shade of red before he shooed Rose away along with the paper. That hardly even sounded like him the little speech, but he still appreciated the little cat's efforts despite it.


"What was that Mike--?"


"You wanna go out for dinner? You and me? Me and you?" Mike waited for a reply, and Rose stood at his side waiting for it as well in anticipation. It had taken her hours before to finally convince Mike to ask Kat out on a date, and now it was finally happening.


Silence came as the reply from the line, and Mike began to get increasingly worried over it. Uneasily he shifted from one foot to the next.


"Or you know--if you don't wanna that's--"


"I'd love to."




"I'd love to go to dinner with you, Mike."


"..........hang on one second, Kat." Very calmly Mike put down his phone, but suddenly he grabbed Rose's hands and spun them both around the living room with joy. "HELL YEAH SHE SAID YES~"


"She said yes, she said yes!" Rose echoed the lizard, laughing with absolute joy for her older sibling. Finally, finally Mike and Kat could be together after all of this time. Little did they know that Kat could hear them as clear as day, even with the phone face down on the couch, but she didn't dare do a thing about it. The doe could only smile at what she heard, touched at how happy they were.


The spinning came to a halt, and Mike made a shushing sound as he got back to the phone and cleared his throat. "Sorry about that." Play it cool, Mike, play it cool. "So uh, how's about I pick ya up say"


"Mmhmm, seven sounds great. I'll see you then?"


Rubbing the back of his neck again Mike could only nod, but then quickly he remembered Kat couldn't see him. "Ya, ya I'll see ya then. Later."


"Bye, Mike."


With that said the two of them hung up, and Mike flopped onto the couch with a smile reaching his cheeks. He was the happiest he could be at that moment, nothing could disrupt the euphoria he felt at being able to take Kathryn Kaywood on a date. His moment, however, was interrupted by a small hands tugging insistently on his arm. When he looked over at the culprit, Rose of course, he watched her practically jumping in her shoes.


"Come on, Mike. We have to get you ready!"

and this is how I die, with this ship //shot

good lord when was the last time I wrote a story :stare: I can tell it shows in my work.
But I just had to get this down ;u; it's been haunting me all day long. 
and not to worry my pretties I am still working on requests. I should have them done by next weekend once things have slowed down again.
Until then enjoy my dorky ass story :iconeweplz:

added in some coloring~
Kat, Mike, Rose, & art (c) SilverJinxx

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vampirenights Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2014
Daaaaaw Mike and Kate are adorable~
Also little sister are the best at helping out dumb big brother's at asking out the girl~ And it's friggin adorable how tiny Rose is~ Only her wittle ears are showing in the drawing~ Aaaaa~ ♥
SilverJinxx Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2014  Student General Artist
aren't they just? ;u;
she's the most helpful little sister in the world, even if it was just for kicking Mikey's butt into gear for asking Kat out on a date.
TravisRaccoonus Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
THEY ARE SO PRECIOUS :iconomgsocuteplz:
SilverJinxx Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2014  Student General Artist
hnjkijsfoii aren't they so? :icontearplz: I just love em
TravisRaccoonus Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I can't wait to see more of they're cuteness ;v;

Please bring us more cuteness
SilverJinxx Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2014  Student General Artist
I shall do my best to deliver ;u;
Bunnie-Mo Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2014
AAAAA! :heart:
ohmygosh shell
it's so exciting to see these two and their relationship finally beginning to blossom~
SilverJinxx Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2014  Student General Artist
it's only been what
two years since I first started to ship them together????
but I hear ya girlie ;u; it's been a long time coming for me to finally get these two together after all this time~
now they can be Godzilla and the doe
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