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:backstory: post physiotherapy by SilverJinxx :backstory: post physiotherapy by SilverJinxx


I have decided that this piece of mine will be featured as Wyatt's backstory for the backstory project since this could be him just getting out of physiotherapy that he had to go through after his accident.


Jason Ferguson and Kylie MacLeod were high school sweethearts. Jason was on the football team and Kylie one of the cheerleaders. Everybody thought that they were the perfect couple and would be together forever. But, just after they graduated Kylie discovered that she was pregnant with Wyatt. One shot gun wedding later, on account of Kylie's parents insisting their daughter be married before Wyatt's birth, Jason and Kylie were heading straight into a level of adulthood they were not prepared for. A few months later, Wyatt was born.

Jason got a job as a construction worker to support the family as that he was all he could get under such short notice and with his high school diploma. Kylie, of course, stayed at home to take care of Wyatt. But she was not happy. Being such a young mother made her want to go out and have some fun. So, more than often, she dumped Wyatt with his grandparents and set out to do just that. For the most part of Wyatt's childhood he was raised by his grandparents.

When Wyatt was about seven years old that was when the arguments between his parents got worse. Less than one year later Kylie was out the door with her suitcase in hand just before Wyatt's eighth birthday. They officially divorced a few months later with Jason having full custody of Wyatt.

By this time Jason had grown into a hard man and did not show son much affection. Jason was, to say the least, a little hard on Wyatt, almost as if he blamed the boy for Kylie's departure. Jason kept on pushing his son more and more and never gave him all that much praise. Because of Jason's neglectful attitude Wyatt's social skills never fully developed and he became more and more shy as years went on. But, he always hid his shyness behind a standoffish and intimidating attitude as that was what he expected his father wanted him to be like.

Fast forward years later and Wyatt turned eighteen. Without notice or even telling anyone Wyatt dropped out of school and signed up for the army to get away from everything. Wyatt did send the odd letter here and there to his dad, but there was never a reply back.

Turns out, Wyatt was perfect in the army. It seemed like he had found his place. He kept working hard at it and was usually the leader in the infantry he was assigned to.

When Wyatt was thirty, twelve years into his service, that is when everything changed. His squad was caught off guard by a road side bomb and Wyatt ad been hit in the ensuing blast. It took quite a few months of physiotherapy after the shrapnel was taken out of his back before Wyatt was able to be somewhat normal. But, because of the explosion and his time in the military Wyatt had developed PTSD. His triggers are usually fireworks, loud noises, or anything resembling any form of an explosion.

Because he still experienced back pain and aches from time to time he was discharged from the army and sent back home, but he still receives a pension from them. For a little while Wyatt was lost because of this. He refused to go back and visit his dad and he refused to give up though. He got a job working part time as a police officer so he could get the qualifications for being a bodyguard.  Now a days Wyatt is living a quiet life working here and there, but hes stil terrible when it comes to social situations. If anything, thanks to the PTSD, his social skills have gotten worse.

But, as we all know, beneath that tough exterior beats a heart of gold and total sweetheart :iconeweplz:

woah that turned out longer than I had expected. But, there we go! The story of my Wyatt~ Hope ya'll enjoyed~


Wyatt & art (c) SilverJinxx

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